Life sucks.

Why is everything so confused? Why are yo doing this? Why are you the most important person in my life? I hate u for that. Well, actually, I HATE loving you. Everyday that it pass, I need you more and more, and I don't like it. It makes me feel that I'm so stupid and naive, I didn't forget you yet. And, since u been gone is everything so difficult, I JUST HATE THIS. Cause while I'm thinking of you, you're taking to other girls, and, do you know how it makes me feel that? Or, do you think of me every time that she touches you? Don't you? Do you keep thinking of me every night? Do you still loving me? I can't remember why did you go, I guess I never could understant it. But I remember perfectly THE DAY that you went. I thought it was a day like the others, just another. But it wasn't. I was consciuos that the end was coming and I had to be strong... All the time I was wrong! All the time it was a circule, constituted by bad illusions... And I believed you EVERY WORD that you said. How could I think that you & and me could be together forever? I supusse that all the time being with you I was blind. I couldn't see reality, was like my eyes were an ornament. I couldn't see. But ALWAYS there's a first time, and MY first time was with you, and thank you, because of you, I know what does it means the word LOVE.

Written by Agus Ronsivalle (me).
(se nota que me aburría? todo en inglés tenía que escribir?)

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